Jeanne d’Arc Birthplace, Domrémy-la-Pucelle

We complete our story of Jeanne d’Arc by ending at the beginning; in the remote villages of Lorraine where Jeanne was born, received her religious visions, and from which she left for the court of Charles VII.

03e Jeanne d’Arc Birthplace, Domrémy-la-Pucelle
Département: Vosges
Region: Lorraine
Country: France

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Summary:  Domrémy dates from Celtic times, but the small village is noted as the birthplace of Jeanne d’Arc. In Jeanne’s youth the area was subject to conflicting forces as it lies between the lands of the Duke of Burgundy, a vassal of the king of England, and those of the Duke of Lorraine, a vassal to the emperor of Germany. Yet it remained loyal to the future Charles VII. As a youth, Jeanne tended livestock in pastures and wandered in forests atop the hills lining the Meuse River valley. During those lonely hours, she developed her strong religious beliefs and convictions that she was ordained to liberate France from English occupying forces.

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