Siege of Orléans

03 Siege of Orléans: 12 October 1428 to 8 May 1429
Département: Loiret
Region: Centre
Country: France

A French Battlefields “Virtual Battlefield Tour”. This battle is more fully described in Fields of War: Fifty Key Battlefields in France and Belgium published by French Battlefields.

Summary: Orléans controlled one of the few bridges crossing the dangerous Loire River, a major commercial waterway. Capture of the city offered the English control of the entire Loire valley. The walled city was placed under siege by the Earl of Salisbury’s forces and, as winter changed into spring, the inhabitants were increasingly weakened by shortages of food and desertions. Jeanne d’Arc, then only a 17-year old peasant girl, convinced the French Dauphin to grant her an army to lift the siege. Personally leading successive attacks, she entered the city, stormed various English strongpoints, and finally overcame Les Tourelles. The siege was lifted.

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