Battle of Nonnebosschen: 11 November 1914


16e Battle of Nonnebosschen: 11 November 1914
Province: West Flanders
Country: Belgium

A ‘Virtual Battlefield Tour’ from Fields of War: Fifty Key Battlefields in France and Belgium

[This battlefield is not included in Fields of War.]

Summary:In November 1914, the Black Watch held a gap between Polygon Wood and Glencourse Wood. The Prussian Guards began their attack from Geluveld on 11 November 1914 with a heavy artillery barrage. The bombardment dislodged the 1st Scots Guards, 1st Cameron Highlanders, and much of the Black Watch. A group of 40 Black Watch held the remaining trench line and, supported by British artillery, force the Prussians into nearby Nonnenbosschen. The remaining reserve unit of 2nd Ox & Bucks counterattacked driving the Prussian troops back. The action was the last engagement of the First Battle of Ypres.

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