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Fields of War: Battle of Normandy receives Sixth Book Award:

-2014 USA Best Book Award Winner in the Military History Category


-2014 Military Writers Society of America Bronze Medal for Military Reference


Reader-Views-Reviewers_Choice_Award-gold-width_900px.jpg - 2014 Reader Views First Place Award in Travel Category


Next Generation Indie Book Awards logo -2014 Next Generation Indie Book Awards Finalist Award


Indie Fab Award Logo Indiefab Award Logo 2 -2014 Foreword Reviews' INDIEFAB Book of the Year Finalist in the War & Military Category


IPPY Awards Merchandise -2015 Independent Publisher Book Awards Bronze Medal for Best Regional Non-fiction - Europe


How many times have you visited a historical site and appreciated its historical significance but really had no serious reference book to enrich your visit which in reality would tell the rest of the story? I have been to many such sites and even upon visiting the gift shop was disappointed to find no such reference book that would add information to my visitation.
If you ever have the chance or desire to visit the battlefields of WWII in northern France you are in luck as I would strongly suggest the historical reference book titled Fields Of War. Contained herein is a complete historical reference to many of the battles to include D Day to the relief of Paris. Included in Robert Mueller’s observations and research we find the inclusion of names and actions of where how and why they were done. Mueller observes the present day battlefields as they are and how they compare to when the battles were fought on those grounds.
Mueller provides directions and helpful hints as to where to go and how to get there. Telephone numbers and websites of museums and cemeteries and memorials are provided. This is an excellent historical reference book to be used in the enrichment of your travels to these historical sites.
-Reviewed by: Dick Geschke (2014) MWSA Review (Military Writers Society of America)  

Award winning author Robert J. Mueller is well on his way to additional awards for his book “Fields of War: Battle of Normandy.” Amazon editors have already included the book on its lists of favorites for the year 2014. The book is designed to give travelers points of interest while touring battlefields in Normandy, the countryside, beaches, quaint villages, and medieval churches.
The book begins with the D-Day Invasion of Normandy detailing the contributions made by the troops of the Britain, Canada, and the United States in this major turning point of World War II.  Part Two provides detailed data and insight into the events of the following seven weeks in the campaign that defeated Germany’s war efforts. Mueller’s commentary is informative, instructional, and insightful. Helpful maps enhance the reader’s appreciation of the narrative. Photo galleries add another dimension to Mueller’s word pictures, and descriptive phrases, and bring a new sense of reality to the devastation of war.
Meticulous research, detailed footnotes, a comprehensive (19 page) index and unique appendices add value for dedicated history buffs. I found the comparison of ranks, unit compositions, glossary of German military terms, and an armor comparison especially interesting. Helpful driving directions, points of interest, and important summary statements are   highlighted throughout the manuscript.
Mueller’s interest in military history and his extensive travel and study in the battlefields and important events of World War II throughout Europe give credibility to his writing. Guidelines for locating significant sites of the battles with detailed descriptions of memorials, veteran’s cemeteries, and other points of interest make this an important addition to the numerous books available in this genre.

“Fields of War: Battle of Normandy” by Robert J. Mueller will be a noteworthy addition to the library of history aficionados and for those touring WWII battle sites and memorials. The book is a remarkable tribute to the sacrifice made by American soldiers and by their counterpart, the allied troops.
- Reviewed by Richard R. Blake for Reader Views (11/14)

We’ve seen them all in the movies, but there’s nothing quite like standing on one of the famous World War II battlefields in France to really understand what soldiers went through. And if you’re going to go, there’s probably no better primer on the subject to take with you than this new book by Robert Mueller.
Fields of War: Battle of Normandy practically puts you in the action as Mueller describes the scene in fine detail. Recounting “Coles Charge” of June 11, 1944, Mueller relates, “As Cole and his men desperately fought off determined German counterassaults against Ingouf Ferme, Lieutenant Colonel Patrick Cassidy’s 1st Battalion took up positions along a line from Ingouf farm back to the main highway ending in what was then a field of vegetables.”
Also given are thorough directions on how to get to each battlefield and where to stand to orient yourself to the action. Many photos are included; some of the most interesting are vintage shots of nearly ruined building juxtaposed with shots of how the buildings look today. You'll also find directions to historic markers and memorial plaques are also included.
-By Kevin Wierzbicki; Campus Circle

Fields of War: Battle of Normandy is an in-depth guide to largest amphibious invasion in history - June 6, 1944, the day when the combined forces of American, Britain, Canada, and other allied nations arrived on the shore of Normandy, France to begin the liberation of Europe from Adolf Hitler, during the Second World War. Written to be accessible to travelers and military historians alike, Fields of War: Battle of Normandy pairs a historical overview of the battle with a meticulous tour of the surviving landmarks, military museums, and monuments. A wealth of black-and-white maps and historical (as well as contemporary) photographs illustrate this comprehensive reference and resource, as fascinating to armchair travelers as it is useful to tourists interested in seeing the battlefield firsthand.

- Midwest Book Review