About Fields of War: Battle of Normandy

Robert Mueller, veteran battlefield historian, has long been fascinated by military history and for many years he has visited and studied the battlefields of Europe. His second book launches a series of visitors' guides describing sites and individuals of the Second World War's European battlefields. Fields of War: Battle of Normandy, brings us to the actual locations and describes the events of the largest amphibious landing in history. The narrative revolves around the stories of the privates, NCOs, and junior officers who faced overwhelming odds with courage - ordinary men from ordinary backgrounds, who did extraordinary things.

Written as a tour guide, Fields of War includes 94 maps and 32 pages of photographs of battle action, ruins, monuments, and cemeteries. Visitors are guided to major landmarks and artifacts and through the Normandy's scenic countryside and historic villages.

The first nine chapters describe the D-Day Invasion by following specific infantry or airborne divisions until the invasion bridgehead was secure. The concluding seven chapters describe the large scale battles which resulted in the annihilation of the German Seven Army in the Falaise Pocket and the subsequent Liberation of Paris.

Each chapter begins with a summary of the military situation and the commander's objectives and troop movements. Extensive detailed maps illustrate the flow of the battle across the landscape and the units that participated.

Detailed driving instructions and GPS co-ordinates direct visitors to each battlefield site. Descriptions of museums, memorials, cemeteries, and surviving artifacts are given along with their hours of operation. Mailing, email, and web addresses are also provided.

ISBN 978-0-9823677-3-5
6" X 9"

Fields of War has been selected by the Military Writers Society of America as the 2014 Bronze Medal winner as one of the best Military reference works of 2014. ‘The MWSA is comprised of more than 900 authors, poets and artists who are active duty military, retirees or military veterans. Others are life-long civilians who’ve chosen to focus on military and/or historical themes with their writings or art.’ – MWSA, October 2010

Award Winner in the Travel category of the National Best Books 2014 Awards, sponsored by USA Book News’